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When Sean Heatley founded EPIC Carts a decade ago in Texas, coming up with a name for his new company lead him to one clear choice. With definitions like “impressive,” “beyond the ordinary” and “outstanding,” Heatley knew instantly he had decided on a most appropriate brand identity.

What began with a small retail location serving the Texas market is now part of the fast-growing ICON top-of-the-line golf carts with the two firms partnering with each other in 2020. Heatly was finding it difficult to strike a deal with other large cart manufacturers like E-Z-Go and Club Car because of restrictive limits to the geographic sales markets, so he began studying the ICON design and manufacturing processes and found an ideal partner. “What ICON did in the last 3 or 4 years has been amazing, so of course I was interested to see if possibilities existed to do something together,” Heatley, now a Managing Partner for the brand, said.

The EPIC line of ICON has positioned itself as the premier manufacturer of custom carts, based on the ICON platform. With ICON’s innovative processes in manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution, the new partnership was the perfect match to bring the ultimate custom, state-of-the-art carts to the marketplace. EPIC and ICON worked in tandem for six months to thoroughly review and analyze all their design features, manufacturing and assembly processes and standard cart equipment to arrive at their premium line of custom carts while keeping their price point below the other major brands.

The Ultimate Cart

The team behind EPIC Carts knew they needed to offer a line of vehicles to match the firm’s name, and their carts feature design and equipment unmatched by other cart manufacturers. One look at any of their cart models tells you they are unlike anything on the market, and the company never rests when coming up with new and innovative ideas to keep them ahead of the competitive curve.

The EPIC Carts offer two, four and six-seater models, all packed with an impressive list of standard equipment and premier features.

All EPIC Carts are equipped with AGM batteries, 5kw motor, 400/450 kw Curtis controllers, 4-wheel disc brakes and 4-wheel independent suspension and much more. All epic models are DOT-compliant for legal use on the street, with full glass windscreens, 3-point seat harnesses, side mirrors, LED turn signals, license plate bracket and even a back-up camera. The company is currently producing the carts in Sarasota, Florida, with plans to open another manufacturing facility in North Carolina in the very near future.

It can be difficult to say what is more impressive and popular among EPIC Cart owners – the visual appeal of the vehicles or the way they function and perform.

One of EPIC’s most popular models is the E40L, a 4-seat model available in 7 different colors and packed with premium features. This model weighs 1,400 pounds with a carry capacity of 750 pounds and 67-inch wheelbase. The top speed of the E40L is 20mph, and they can go about 25 hours at full speed after charging. Other standard equipment found on the entire EPIC line include 12V pre-wired accessory switches, 12V dual USB ports, halogen headlamps, luxurious high-back seating with diamond stitching and even a 26” ECO-X Bluetooth soundbar. “We wanted to offer dealers a product with all the bells and whistles that they may not be able to or want to add on their end,” Heatley said. “If the dealer wanted to add any additional features like a rear light or additional audio capabilities, our carts already come with the right connections and capabilities for that.”

EPIC’s 60L is a 6-seat model that can carry up to 1,000 pounds and has a 156-inch wheelbase. These stylish vehicles are perfect for use in transporting prospective buyers around a residential home community or any other setting where you need to cover a large area carrying 6 people in comfort and style.

ICON carts are known for their strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and the EPIC Cart line backs up their commitment to excellence with a comprehensive warranty. ICON® EV’s, the manufacturer, warrants each EPIC Cart-branded golf cart sold through any of their authorized dealers or distributors worldwide to be free of defects for a period of 2 years from the date of sale. Within the warranty time frame, ICON will repair or replace the golf cart and/or parts of the golf cart if the components in question are defective in materials or workmanship.

Heatley points out that as an authorized line of carts manufactured under the ICON umbrella, all models within the EPIC line are backed by ICON’s history of standing behind their products.

The acquisition of Epic Carts by ICON happened just prior to the COVID19 pandemic, but the two firms pushed through within the limits of safety and caution to combine their individual expertise and develop a cart that many feel with shape the future of premier passenger and utility carts.

“Growth is one thing, but to stay competitive in this rapidly developing industry, we need to constantly work to offer the most diverse line of carts to our dealers and our customers,” says Heatley. “Now that we’ve worked with ICON to design and build what we feel is the ultimate cart for a wide variety of needs and our manufacturing facilty is rolling out product, we’re ready to sprint into the future.”

For more information please visit: https://epiccarts.com/