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Decades of experience with major golf cart manufacturers is the common thread between four friends and their passion for the golf cart industry. When they discovered their shared obsession for state-of-the-art golf cart innovation, quality and performance, Atlas Golf Carts was born.

Co-CEO Sanjay Kopay, together with Co-CEO Mark Messick and Vice President of Sales Jake Guinn, all worked together at E-Z-GO Textron and Club Car for over fifteen years combined, managing and overseeing the development of the Onward line of carts. When the three friends discovered their innate drive to build the ultimate golf cart, they launched Atlas Golf Carts and have never looked back. Landon Wisser brings his long career in the cart and accessory industries to the company as Chief Marketing Officer.

Atlas Carts’ production facility is based near Augusta, Georgia, and has created a full line of carts to match the needs of cart buying consumers. They make two and four-seat models perfect for so much more than golf. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Texas.

Just one of the reasons Atlas carts are making a name for themselves in the industry is their impressive range thanks to the largest lithium-ion battery pack in the cart industry. Each Atlas cart comes standard with a 210 Amp hour battery, which is about three times more than other cart manufacturers. This means extended range with each charge, eliminating the anxiety of needing to charge your cart so often. The onboard charger means you can plug your Atlas cart into any household 110-volt outlet for a quick charge. An added benefit is the fast charging rate of the battery so you can quickly get where you’re going with little down time.

Depending on driving conditions and payload, the range of the two passenger Atlas cart is between 40 to 60 miles, and the four passenger cart will take you around 30 to 50 miles. Top speed is preset at 20 miles per hour, and your authorized Atlas dealer can adjust that based on your needs and how you use your cart.

Another premium offering standard on all Atlas carts is the advanced technology, adding industry leading benefits and convenience for owners. Just some of the impressive standard features include the Bluetooth sound system, AM/FM radio, and wireless phone charger and hands-free calling capability. Other notable features are the Atlas-designed LED lighting, including headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals and hazard lights. Atlas carts even come with a horn and 3-point seatbelt system to make them completely street legal, based on your local laws and ordinances.

When is comes to style, its hard to argue that Atlas carts are eye-catching and contemporary, turning heads everywhere they go. The body features smooth, contoured lines with a sculpted look and modern design, using seamless accents resembling today’s finest supercars. The automotive style headlights could be considered the focal point of the cart’s design, with Atlas designing the cart around this advanced vehicle to create a truly stunning cart. The carts even come with high and low-beam headlights.

Atlas carts come with striking, 14-inch aluminum wheels, coil over shock absorber suspension system and an aluminum chassis. The two passenger model measures 93-inches long by 53-inches wide with an overall height of 73-inches and wheelbase of 66-inches. It weighs in at 1,063 pounds and can carry up to 500 pounds. The four passenger model is 113-inches long and 53-inches wide with a wheelbase of 67-inches and load capacity of 800 pounds. This cart weighs 1,197 pounds.

Atlas cart owners love the in-dash storage compartment and four cup holders, the folding windshield, premium, ergonomically designed, double diamond seating with armrests, custom steering wheel and many more comforts and conveniences. The four passenger model has elevated, rear-facing seats and a center grab bar for the convenience and safety of your passengers.

Powerful Performance

In addition to the large lithium-ion battery pack, Atlas carts come with an advanced 5KW Nidec AC drive system and 400A Nidec controller designed to supply all the power you’ll need to accelerate smoothly and effortlessly, creating a superior comfortable driving experience. From the hills on the course to the streets of your community, the drive system provides all the torque you’ll need for any incline. And you’ll never need to worry or hassle with the parking brake, with Atlas’s automatic, electronic parking brake that engages when the cart is stopped.

Other key performance features include the hassle-free maintenance of the massive battery pack without the need for adding water and is backed by a five year warranty. (The vehicle has a two year warranty). The electric motor braking system means a reduced load on your brake pads and hydraulics. All Atlas carts come with hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels. You’ll feel safe with the cart’s large side and center rearview mirrors, and the overhead grab bars make it easy to get in and out of the cart.

There is also a large trunk storage compartment on the front of the carts, illuminated and lockable for added convenience and security.

Co-CEO Messick says there was one underlying theme as their goal when starting Atlas Golf Carts. “We wanted to be the provider of high-quality vehicles that were reliable and offered an excellent value for the money when compared to our competitors,” he says. “Our dedication to provide the ultimate in customer service to our network of dealers for parts and service training is what we pride ourselves on.”

Atlas Golf Carts pricing begins at just under $15,000 for the 2-seater model and around $17,000 for the 4-seater.