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If you’ve been thinking it’s time to freshen up your cart with some new, high quality parts and accessories, Converted Carts is the place to look.

This company is based out of Ohio and was founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Matt White. Offering everything to bring your cart up to the newest levels of style and performance, Converted Carts also offers free shipping with no minimum order. The company is known for their commitment to offering their customers the ultimate buying experience, and their extensive line of parts for all cart manufacturers is second to none.

White started the company during the COVID19 pandemic lockdown, looking for an online, e-commerce business concept. As an experienced expert in marketing and website development, search engine optimization, (SEO), and the financial aspects of a successful e-commerce business, White looked at the paddleboard and boating industry before deciding to focus on golf cart parts and accessories.

“I studied the market and saw that golf carting and the use of EVs for personal transportation was a rapidly growing market and decided to launch my own company with a real commitment to unmatched personal service to our customers,” he says. “I took the time to use the learning experience to enhance Converted Carts’ website to streamline and optimize the ease of ordering from us.”

One of the key efforts White took in establishing Converted Carts was to reach out to major players in the golf cart parts and customization industries, like Nivel Parts and Manufacturing®, creators of the wildly popular MadJax X Series Storm line of carts and custom products. This was one of several critical alliances White formed as an authorized reseller of some of the top manufacturers of cart parts, components, and custom accessories in the world.

The Best Brands, The Best Buyer Experience

The Converted Carts website is extremely easy to navigate, with options to shop by manufacturer, category, style, wheels and tires and more. The company offers a huge variety of parts large and small, letting their customers transform their current plain Jane cart into a showpiece that will get admirable looks in any neighborhood. The section of Manufacturer Brands, for example, will take you directly to 289 specific products you can use to upgrade and update an E-Z-GO cart, or whatever brand name you select.

The company offers parts for Club Car®, E-Z-Go®, Yamaha®, Icon/Advanced EV® and Evolution® carts. Their extensive line of cutting edge body kits are offered by Apex®, Storm®, Alpha® and HAVOC® and will transform your stock cart into a rolling masterpiece.

“Our customers know that there is nothing you can plan for updating your cart that we can’t supply,” says White. People can order everything from a cell phone holder to full lift kits, custom seats, batteries, audio systems and other electronics, battery chargers, brush guards, nerf bars, lighting and much more.

Their Wheel & Tire selections include 14 and 15-inch wheels and tires for road or all terrain use, from companies like MadJax® Evolution Flow Form, GTW® Bravo, Spyder and Raven wheels and tires, and several more. These premium wheel and tire offerings will add real bling to your cart while providing the ultimate in ride comfort and performance.

White added that one of Converted Carts’ newest product offerings are their custom steering wheel and exterior body badges. Customers can add the perfect finishing touch to their new custom cart with a cart or brand logo, fun custom saying, cart name, a unique graphic and more.

Using YouTube® to Showcase Their Best

Another spoke in the wheel of marketing White and his son are using to highlight their products is their YouTube channel called GolfCarTV. This page is full of entertaining, well-produced videos showcasing Converted Carts’ newest and most popular products and carting accessories. The videos are produced and posted every week and enjoy strong viewership.

This channel features a new episode each Wednesday at noon and includes a lot of up-to-date details on specific golf cart products and accessories, often with on-site video at several parts manufacturers’ and custom cart facilities with informative interviews with key personnel.

White has built his company around the promise and commitment to the ultimate buyer experience. “From the second they reach our website to the free shipping of products, we pride ourselves on providing the most satisfying, fantastic customer experience,” he said.

To learn more about Converted Carts, visit https://www.convertedcarts.com/

Their YouTube channel can be found at https://youtu.be/gS_ogZf0rBQ?si=f5bvijgC0sHQidUo