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As the leading mini golf cart manufacturer in the U.S., Cricket Mini Golf Carts is quickly making a big name for themselves in the portable, lightweight cart industry.

Founded in 2018, Cricket makes and distributes their carts to all 50 states from their 12,000-square foot headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida. Their engineering team represents over 45 years of golf cart design and manufacturing experience, which is immediately apparent when you see and drive their eco-friendly, collapsible vehicles. Cricket mini carts are an affordable way to easily navigate around an RV campground or vacation resort, campsite, outdoor music and sports venues, the beach or just cruise around your neighborhood.

All Cricket models are completely collapsible, allowing them to fit easily into the storage compartment of an RV or motorhome, fifth wheel, pickup truck and even most SUVs or crossover vehicles. This provides incredible convenience and the ultimate in portability without needing to trailer and tow your cart.

The Cricket Mini Golf Cart Lineup

There are 6 unique Cricket mini carts available, each offering a long list of options and custom upgrades to create the perfect cart for any use.

The Cricket SX-3 was the original model that started it all and is the perfect example of the company’s portability and compact design features. This collapsible cart fits easily into an RV or motorhome basement, a pickup truck and also most of today’s SUV and crossover vehicles. The SX-3 comes in 8 different color schemes, as well as the option to order yours in a custom color. There are 3 different seat color options, as well as the option to order a custom design, and there are dozens of other available options like oversized tires, 7 different top options, zippered rain enclosures, audio soundbars, LED light kits, Bluetooth® connectivity, remote controlled loading option and many more.

The SX-3 transmission is a 16:1 reduction gearbox, and the drive system is a single 36-volt magnet DC 800 watt motor. The electrical system is powered by three heavy duty, sealed 12-volt 35-amp/hour batteries. It measures 58-inches long when ready for transport, 32-inches wide and only 28-inches tall when collapsed. The SX-3 weighs just over 400 pounds. The starting price of this model is $4,699.00.

The Cricket RX-5 is another collapsible cart built by the company, and the base model begins at just $5,699.00. The RX-5 features the same transmission as the SX-3, a single 36-volt magnet DC 800 watt motor, and measures 58-inches long by 32-inches wide, and folds down to 30-inches. This model weighs 420 pounds. The RX-5 features front and rear shocks for an improved ride experience plus rack and pinion steering for improved handling. This model can seat 4 passengers comfortably and will reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour depending on the terrain.

The Cricket ESV is the ideal electric vehicle for transporting 2 passengers around an RV campground, resort or other outdoor property in style and comfort. You can order one with all the available color and style options as on the company’s other models, plus available upgrades. The ESV has a direct drive, 30:1 reduction gearbox transmission, a single, 24-volt magnet DC 800 watt motor and 2 heavy duty, sealed 12-volt 85-amp/hour batteries. This model measures 50-inches long, 32-inches wide and 28-inches tall and weighs just 340 pounds. The Cricket ESV offers single regenerative electromagnetic braking, 13″ x 6.5 x 6″ tubeless tires and a load capacity of 600 pounds. This affordable mini cart starts at only $3,899.00.

Take Your Cricket Up a Notch

Cricket Mini Golf Carts offer 3 other custom models that with added utility, performance, and comfort options.

The Cricket Lifted Locust model takes the base SX-3 to whole new levels with added length and width dimensions, custom, patented 4 bolt aluminum hubs, patented aluminum spacers, 10-inch wheels in 12 different eye-catching custom styles, 18-inch tires, patented motor modifications and many upgraded electronics. The most appealing option for those getting around on rougher terrain is the increased clearance of 10-inches from frame to floor. The Lifted Locust can reach speeds of between 14 to 16 miles per hour, and the rear can be figured with cargo carriers or seating for 2 additional passengers. This model starts at $6,899.00.

The RX-5 Cricket model has been elevated to new heights with the company’s Cricket Grasshopper cart, a sweet example of performance and style. This impressive vehicle features an increased ground clearance of 12-inches from frame to ground, allowing even more versatility for traversing rougher terrain or trails. The footprint of the lifted Grasshopper, offered in a street and off-road versions, is the largest of the Cricket line at 79-inches long by 39-inches wide, and yet still collapsible. It weighs 480 pounds and is perfect for the roughest landscape and higher inclines. The Lifted Grasshopper starts at $7,899.00.

For the ultimate ease and comfort driving on sand, the Cricket Beach Buggeez is a custom model based on the Cricket ESV model. This waterfront workhorse features both hand and foot controls and variable speed control, plus a narrow footprint for easily navigating beach ramps or boardwalks. The large rear cargo rack can hold all your beach gear, and the oversized, ‘balloon-like’ tires are specifically made to glide over sandy beach or dune terrain. The Beach Buggeez model starts at $7,499.00, carries 2 people comfortably and is only available through the Cricket Mini Golf Cart company.

For the exclusive warranties offered by Cricket Mini Golf Carts, you’ll need to go direct to the manufacturer to receive the exclusive 3-year cart and 2-year battery warranty. When it comes to accessories, the company offers dozens of parts like custom loading and carrying ramps and haulers, quick-release steering wheels and top mounts, upgraded onboard charging systems and much more.

Mitchell Hanson founded Cricket Mini Golf Carts to provide a premium vehicle that can be easily transported and that provides the optimum in convenience, style, and comfort. “Our company is totally based on reputation and the referrals we receive from our customers,” he said. “Cricket Mini Golf Carts will continue to design, engineer and manufacture the highest quality electric vehicles and we’re looking into expanding into more custom parts and full-size cart models, along with expanded UTV models.”