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As the old saying goes, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention,’ and that could not be truer than in the case of the way a new golf cart accessory has arrived.

Gerry is the founder of Cart Racks SC, LLC, based in Summerville, South Carolina. His journey into designing and manufacturing a popular new golf cart product came about because of a need he felt would help him, as well as other cart and EV owners.

Gerry is a retired, 20-year plus, police officer from New Jersey who, together with his family, decided to relocate to South Carolina after the Covid pandemic. He quickly discovered that the area was a prime location for the golf cart community, and the family purchased one for their use.

Because the family has 4 kids under the age of 6, Gerry opted for a 6-passenger, Bintelli Beyond vehicle. The neighborhood of Cane Bay, where the family loves visiting the pool and food trucks, is perfect for cruising with the family in your cart.

But when it came to hauling all the gear the large family required to enjoy their day, especially beach chairs, Gerry noticed a problem, and decided to set out to fix it.

“There are other accessories you can attach to the rear safety grab bar on many carts designed to carry beach chairs, but I just had an instinct that there was a better solution,” he said. “As a former cop, you wouldn’t believe some of the safety issues I’ve encountered, especially involving children.”

Many other bolt-on chair racks extended straight out from the rear grab bar, presenting a potential for injury, or hitting some obstruction. Cart Racks’ model features the ability to fold down when not in use, creating a compact profile for transport. “I developed a prototype that was collapsable in an effort to reduce the risk of causing some type of injury to anyone,” Gerry says.

The chair racks extend from 17-inches to 23-inches and will accommodate up to 6 folding beach chairs. They lock securely in both the extended and folded position with locking pins. Most 4 or 6-passenger carts come with a rear seat safety grab bar, and Gerry knew there was a good way to build a better mouse trap.

The company has designed and manufactured versions of their Cart Rack to fit all models of multi-passenger carts except some newer Club Car models. “Our racks are designed and engineered to fit perfectly on every cart,” he said.

The racks are made of steel and coated with an oil-based black paint. Everything a customer will need to easily install the racks is included with each order. The bundle comes with 2 rack arms, including the nuts and bolts, locking pins and even the drill bit. Customers can easily drill 4 holes in their grab bar. They also come equipped with rubber bumpers to keep the rack from rattling and half-moon spacers to accommodate installation on grab bars that are rounded and not square.

Cart Racks began posting to a few Facebook golf carting pages, and the response has been very encouraging. “We received a lot of initial requests about how people could buy one, and then it really took off,” Gerry reports. The complete kits sell for $129.00 which also includes shipping anywhere in the U.S. They have received orders from over 2 dozen states so far.

“I wanted to come up with a simple solution for a problem I saw, and we’re really pleased with the response,” said Gerry. His design is currently patent pending.

For more details about these chair racks, visit https://CartRacksSC.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61555399504214