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With an impressive 20-year track record in the e-bike industry, Denago EV is now a formidable player in the electric vehicle market, offering fully featured models with price points unheard of in the business.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, the company also has warehouse facilities in Carrollton TX, Irving TX, and Chino, CA.

Denago EV is owned by their parent manufacturer, TAO Motors®, which allows them to offer such affordable pricing to their dealers and end consumers. The company is backed by several golf cart and NEV, (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle), industry leaders like co-founder Sheng Wang . Another key team member is Albizu “Albi” Moctezuma, the company’s Director of Parts and Service. Albi has a 14-year history in the golf cart industry, starting on the assembly line and working his way up to Parts and Service Manager at Cruise Car, Inc, which was acquired by ICON EV. At ICON, Albi served as their National Parts Manager. There is not a cart brand out there that Albi is not an expert on.

The entire team at Denago reads like a “who’s who” of the golf cart industry, with key members who have impressive histories with manufacturers like TEXTRON Specialized Vehicles®, ICON® and many others.

The company has announced an aggressive, $10M marketing and promotion campaign for 2024, offering maximum visibility and awareness of the brand for their dealers and consumers.

“Denago EV was established to be a total game changer in the EV industry, and we’re very pleased with the reception we’ve received from our 170-plus dealer network and the feedback from our buyers,” said Jennifer Alexender, the company’s Director of Business Development.

Denago EV was founded with a foundation in sustainable, eco-friendly electric transportation provided by state-of-the-art, stylish vehicles that are turning heads in the industry. Through continual research and development and innovative technology that rivals that of the automotive industry, Denago EV is poised to set the standard for tomorrow’s NEVs.

Denago Nomad XL


USA TODAY® has said, “Forget the competition, Denago EV’s Nomad XL offers features at a price that’s simply unheard of. ”

Just a few of the key features of this innovative EV include a 40-mile range on a single charge, a top speed of 25 miles per hour, a 5-year battery warranty and the ability to fully charge the batteries in just 5 hours. The Nomad measures 114-inches long by 51-inches wide and weighs 1,050 pounds. Other standard features include a 40-mile range, on-board lithium quick charger, 400 Amp Denago controller and a 5kW AC Denago electric motor. This cart’s impressive power comes from the Denago 51.2V 105aH LifePO4 lithium batteries.

Convenience features include the tilt steering wheel, 110V AC outlet, rear-view camera, integrated turn signals, USB/USB-C PD ports, premium seats and ultra-tough floormats. The Nomad is priced at just $7,995.00.

Denago Rover XL

The Rover is a stylish 4-seater EV with 51.2V lithium batteries, 400-Amp Denago controller and a 5kW Denago AC electric motor. It measures 118-inches long by 49-inches wide and weighs 1,202 pounds. The rugged Rover can handle inclines of 30 degree grade, has 4-wheel electromagnetic disc brakes on all 4 wheels and rides on DOT-approved aluminum 23×10-14-inch tires. Top speed is 25-mph and the powder-coated aluminum chassis features a 2.5-inch lift.

Other standard features include the 10.1-inch dash display screen, premium audio sound bar and Apple Car Play® and Android Auto®. Both the Rover and Nomad are available in 6 gorgeous body colors. The Rover is available for $9,995.00.

“Because we’re owned by the manufacturer and our EVs are made in our own factory, we’re able to break the price barrier for affordable, premium quality electric vehicles,” Alexander said.

Denago EV was a big hit at the PGA Show held in Orlando in January. “I was thrilled to meet with a lot of our dealers from across the country and hear their positive feedback on our vehicles and aggressive pricing structure,” she said. “It’s clear we are disrupting the industry with our Rover and Nomad EVs, and we were blown away by the turn out and reception our carts received at the show.”

For more about DenagoEV please visit: http://denagoev.com