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With a seeming endless assortment of golf car customization options on the market today, one of the most useful accessory solutions is a high-quality audio system. From head units and wired speakers, to portable speakers and roof systems, a soundbar offers not just audio but plenty of other very useful built-in features.  



Starting at just $499, it’s hard to beat the features packed into SoundExtreme by ECOXGEAR’s soundbars. With industry-leading features such as high-quality audio, cascading and addressable LED lighting, hands-free calling, 360-degree sound options, and connection to a phone app, adding a soundbar to your cart is a quick and simple way to enhance your carting experience.  


High Quality Audio 

SoundExtreme’s soundbars offer 500 watts of power to 8+ waterproof-dustproof marine grade speakers to give the ultimate audio experience. With built in EcoCast, users can connect to 100 SoundExtreme EcoCast enabled speakers at a time. The high-quality audio doesn’t end with music, users also have the option for hands-free calling with these soundbars.  



All SoundExtreme soundbars feature unique cascading and addressable party lights and an LED strip to provide additional safety and fun to a cart. Users also have the option to add additional LED light kits by SoundExtreme and sync lights to the music using proprietary LEDCAST technology through the phone app or a controller. These soundbars come preset with several lighting options such as Patriotic (red, white, and blue) or Holiday (red and green) or users can customize their light show using the SoundExtreme app. 


Ease of Installation 

Soundbars are a great choice for those looking for a quick and easy audio installation option. With simple wiring to a 12v battery or a reducer on a lithium pack, soundbars also have multiple mounting options including drill, clamp, or use of a SoundExtreme mounting bracket made for specific models.  A soundbar’s positioning can be customized to a user’s preference or model with mounting points including top front roof, rear roof, or middle roof on a six-seater. SoundExtreme also offers a 33” double-sided bar with front and rear facing speakers for a 360’ sound immersion—which is perfect for a middle roof mount. Some people also choose to get creative with hidden mounts between and under seats, on grab bars, or anywhere audio might be desired. 


Users also upgrade their systems and add more than one soundbar if they desire more volume and punch. Users can also connect additional products including a subwoofer, or additional LED light strips. These products all connect through SoundExtreme’s EcoCast and LEDCAST enabled products to create an entire ecosystem of audio and LED lighting on the cart. If a user still prefers a standard head unit and wired speakers, soundbars still remain a great add-on option to create an immersive experience, and all SoundExtreme products can be paired for an even more impressive system.  


Soundbars are one of the most cost-effective accessories, delivering plenty of ROI, a fun factor, and extra convenience and safety features that enhance the carting experience.