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As we all know, golf carts are no longer just for lugging your clubs around a golf course. Many communities, and neighborhoods condone golf carts driving on their roads, which has created a massive community dedicated to golf cart builds.

We understand that a normal golf cart can be expensive, but what if you wanted to go overboard on your spending, and get something ridiculous?

In this article we breakdown some of the coolest, and most expensive golf carts you can buy from specialty dealers around the United States. Let’s check them out!

  1. Desert Collection by Garia

This is one of my favorite golf carts when it comes to classy and expensive. The Garia Desert collection is one of the nicest looking carts you can buy, and I can’t argue. This cart is simply beautiful, equipped with high grade leather interior, excellent handling, and the snazzy color Azure.

If you just moved to your high-end, gated community, this cart would get you around the hood in style. These carts are also completely street legal, and have numerous upgrades that you can add-on, including refrigerators, or even built-in storage compartments.

Cost: $31,310

  1. The F5 Golf Cart by Luxury Carts

This is one of the flashiest looking golf carts that I’ve personally seen available to the public.

The Ferrari inspired cart can reach speeds of up to 24 MPH, and comes in a variety of different colors, but let’s be honest, if you’re going to purchase this golf cart, why wouldn’t you choose red?

The body style, leather interior, and shiny chrome rims makes this one of the sleekest golf carts you can buy.


  • AM/FM CD Player
  • 15” Custom Rims
  • Chrome Tilt Steering Column
  • Leather Interior

Cost: $23,800

  1. The Escalade

Next up on our list is the Escalade by coolcartsoftexas.com. This caddy is the perfect caddie to your golf game, or at least the coolest looking one. With a max speed of 19 mph, it’s definitely not the fastest on the road, but you’ll look darn good driving it.

This golf cart has a variety of options to choose from, including ball washers, sound systems, lighting systems, custom seating, wheels, and paint.

Considering the looks, and customization that you’re able to apply to this cart, it’s actually quite inexpensive compared to the previous two, and it looks really nice.

Cost: $13,500

  1. The Solar Powered Golf Cart by Hammacher

This golf cart isn’t the most expensive on the market, but it’s definitely one of the most innovative.

The solar-powered Hammacher is equipped with a roof full of solar panels, which allows the cart to travel 33% longer than an average electric cart.

Believe it or not, this golf cart will go an astonishing 49 miles before you need to recharge. This equals about 10 rounds of golf, which is a lot of golf.

If you want something fancy, this probably isn’t for you, but it can save a ton of money in the long run.

If you are looking for a golf cart that is extremely energy efficient, then I would consider checking out the Solar-Powered Golf Cart by Hammacher.

Cost: $9,000

  1. The Brooklyn by Luxury Carts

This New York Bentley inspired golf cart is the smoothest ride in the neighborhood. The Brooklyn is a four seater golf cart that has a variety of features that can be added on.

Choose options such as paint job, chrome steering wheel, CD player in the dash, and more. This golf cart also has the option for 6 seats, but that will cost you an extra $1,000.

The interior is made from the finest leather, which gives you a real Bentley feel. The chrome wheels, the beautiful paint job, and the Bentley accents around the cart, makes this one of the coolest carts you can buy.

Cost: $17,000

  1. The Rolls Royce by Luxury Carts

The Rolls Royce golf cart from Luxury Carts is probably one of the most ridiculous (in a great way) golf carts money can buy. The white leather interior packed ride is sure to turn some heads in your neighborhood. It comes equipped with 15’ polished rims, chrome steering column, and a beautiful two tone paint job.

If you really want to go all out on a golf cart, then you may want to consider the Rolls Royce.

Cost: $25,449

  1. The H3 HUMMER

This limo style golf cart is one of the most unique that we’ve seen. Not because it’s a Hummer, but because it’s an officially licensed vehicle from GM, and even comes with a certificate of authenticity from HUMMER!

This HUMMER comes packed to the gills with all kinds of different options and upgrades. You have the ability to change the color, wheels, lighting, seating, sound system, and even upgrade the battery system.

The top speed is about 19 mph, which isn’t the fastest golf cart around, but it still has power, and can carry around 4 adults comfortably.

If you are looking for an authentic, one of a kind golf cart, then you should consider the H3 HUMMER by Cool Carts of Texas

Cost: $16,049

  1. The Supersport by Garia

Last, and certainly not least, the Supersport by Garia is probably the most outrageously expensive golf cart you can purchase. Let’s be real, this is more of a car than a golf cart, but we can assure you, this will lug your golf clubs around the course in style, to say the least.

The Garia Supersport has seating like no other golf cart. Perfectly hand-stiched leather makes this interior look like something found in Italian or German supercars.

This cart also comes equipped with its very own refrigerator, which is perfect for keeping drinks cool on the golf course.

The coolest feature that the Supersport has to offer, has got to be the 10 inch touch screen, packed with WiFi, Bluetooth, and phone connectors for easy access to music.

If you want a truly luxurious golf cart, and want to spare no expense, check out the Garia Supersport.

Cost: $73,000

As you can see, there are a variety of luxurious golf carts on the market, but they’ll cost you a pretty penny. A luxurious golf cart isn’t for all of us, but if it was, these are the carts I would consider.

Golf carts have transcended the golf course and we are starting to see ingenious creativity from the manufacturers. It’ll be fun to see what the future holds for electric vehicle designs.