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This month’s Company Profile we are featuring the golf cart manufacturer Trojan EV.

These beautiful street-legal, feature-rich carts boasts cutting-edge technology and superior construction and craftsmanship.

These custom golf carts provide a lot of versatility and perform great on the course, around town and even on the farm or ranch.

Head-quartered in Sheridan, WY with dealers nationwide, Trojan EV is growing rapidly and plans on having a Trojan EV dealership in every community in the U.S.

Dealer Profile:

Dealer Name: Trojan EV

Dealer Location: Sheridan, WY (Dealers Nationwide)

Phone Number: (307) 343-1105

Email: info@trojanev.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TrojanEV

GCMAG: Thank you for spending time with us here at Golf Carting Magazine. Tell us more about the Trojan EV carts.

TROJANEV: Trojan EV is proud to manufacture the best performing, safest, most durable and most enjoyable personal street legal ready electric vehicle sold in the United States.

Our street legal ready electric vehicles come with a long list of safety features that make it street legal ready almost everywhere in America. We’ve included an unmatched list of standard features that most other manufacturers only offer as add-ons.

At Trojan EV we also understand that no two customers are alike, so we have built our carts to be fully customizable. From body kits and light kits to brush guards, baskets, dashes, side steps and more, Trojan EV’s are built for customization to fit each customer’s personal style.

Trojan EV also comes equipped with the most powerful upgraded AC motor 6.7 horsepower, 5 kW motor with a 400 amp controller in its class, but with that upgraded power you don’t have to trade handling and stability.

Trojan EV is one of the most stable and smooth driving carts on the market. Trojan EV – Better Stability, Better Handling, Better Features, Better Ride, Better Value.

GCMAG: It sounds like you have thought of everything. How did you guys get started?

TROJANEV: As golf carts have been going through a sort of revolution, taking them off of the golf courses and into neighborhoods and communities, we began to realize the need for better options, better performance, better handling and stability, and better style. Carts are no longer just for golfers.

People are using them to get around their neighborhoods, to socialize with neighbors, to spend time with their families. Each of these people have unique requirements to what they are needing or wanting in a cart.

We thought we should build on that and provide a cart that fits the needs of everyone. Trojan EV has a long list of safety features to keep your family safe when cruising your neighborhood, it has the power and speed to have a truly fun drive, and additional accessories like built in sound systems to make riding around enjoyable for all.

GCMAG: You are right that the “golf cart” is evolving and not just for golfers. Here in Florida where I live, they are becoming a big part of local transportation in so many communities. Where are you located?

TROJANEV: We are headquartered in Wyoming with dealers throughout the Nation. Trojan EV is always looking to add more dealers to our network.

GCMAG: Can you tell us about your employees?

TROJANEV: Trojan EV has a large staff of loyal employees ranging from manufacturing, engineering, and quality control to accounting, customer service, marketing and general staff.

GCMAG:. How do you promote or advertise your business?

TROJANEV: We advertise online and through social media and we have strong word-of-mouth promotion based on customer satisfaction referrals.

GCMAG: There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth marketing. What is the most important business lesson you’ve learned?

TROJANEV: One of the most important things to us is listening to our customer’s wants and needs. We have learned that most people’s biggest concern with a cart for their family is safety and reliability.

We have heard over and over again the same complaint when it comes to most golf cart brands, and that is the handling and stability does not feel safe. In response we tasked our engineers with developing a cart that meets these needs and is one of the most stable and smooth riding carts available on the market, regardless if you have one passenger or up to 4 passengers, the cart’s stability is unchanged.

Customer satisfaction is always key in business. Having a product that is reliable, durable, and the best value for your money is going to set you apart from your competition, satisfy your customers, and give you longevity in your industry.

That is why we have also made our carts come standard with features that would normally be considered a costly add-on with other manufacturers, as well as an upgraded motor to give you the best performance and most enjoyable ride.

GCMAG: Safety and value are certainly the most important factors to consumers. What are the future plans for Trojan EV?

TROJANEV: We plan to have a Trojan EV dealer in every community in the United States. We aspire to be not only the largest manufacturer of golf carts, but the manufacturer of the best quality carts in the market with the best performance, best handling and stability, best safety features, and most standard upgrades.

GCMAG: We appreciate you taking the time to tell us more about Trojan EVs and we wish you continued success.

For more information on Trojan EV custom carts visit their website at TrojanEV.com or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TrojanEV.