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We all know EXCOGEAR makes some pretty cool and great sounding soundbars but this is next level and is just what the golf carting community has been asking for. Stay tuned for our full review coming soon.

Limited Quantity Shipments expected February15th.  Be the first to get our new 8″ Subwoofer with EcoCast under development.  Automatically wireless connects with your SoundExtreme soundbar speaker to enhance your audio experience.    500 watts of power concentrated bass output from 20 to 300 Hz.   Enriched and Powerful Bass will thump your ride to a new level.

  • 500 Watt Texas Instruments Class D amplifier (250 RMS) with massive external heat sink to optimize power handling and minimize distortion
  • 100% waterproof, dust, dirt, and sand proof sealed tube enclosure with one 8″ custom active subwoofer and one 8″ custom passive subwoofer
  • The sub includes ecocast so it wirelessly connects to any of our soundbars, party speakers or other subs… up to 100 subs, soundbars, and speakers can join the party.
  • Works with any stereo or competitor’s soundbar via a wired sub input.  If your system doesn’t have a sub out and only has an aux out, no problem as our crossover will keep the highs out.
  • Multiple power on options:  the sub includes a blue wire so you can trigger auto power on with the ignition or dedicated switch . When the sub receives power it automatically looks for the previous soundbar it was connected to and will wirelessly auto connect.   If you are not connected to a soundbar wirelessly but via the wired sub in jack, once the unit has power it will go into standby, and when it senses audio on the sub input jack it will turn on and start playing automatically.
  • In order to create a full audio experience we have matched the subwoofer perfectly with our soundbars. We custom designed and tuned the sub and integrated high powered amp to allow the sub to go down to 20Hz and up to 300hz. Providing not only thumps but also warms up the entire audio experience.  But, If you prefer it to act solely as a sub and not woofer you can set the crossover to as low 50hz filtering everything above it out. (My personal favorite is 250hz when paired with our soundbars.)
  • The included party lights on both ends of the sub have multiple modes:off, solid, flashing and music sync.   Note: the music sync follows the music sent to the sub not what is playing from the soundbar, so it will not follow the soundbar’s lights in music sync mode. Additionally, when you lower the crossover you then also change the light pattern because fewer notes will play out of the sub, hence fewer flashes (changing the cross over does not effect the solid or flashing light function).
  • You can optimize the sub’s gain on the subwoofer’s control panel as well as the included wired remote gain switch.
  • Includes mounts for either horizontal or vertical mounting, as well as stand offs for horizontal mounting if your bag well has a high bag separator (ridge) in the middle.
  • Mounting our sub in a trunk, bag well, close to a side wall in the back of a UTV optimizes the sub’s performance.   Placing it horizontally in the center of a bag well – the sub really bumps!

For more information or to pre-order please visit: https://ecoxgear.com/products/8-soundextreme-subwoofer