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In this month’s edition of Golf Carting Magazine, we are featuring another sponsor whose company name is Hi-Performance Designs, Inc., or HPD.

The founder of HPD is Henry Gaudens and we were able to spend some time with Henry to learn more about HPD and their beautiful line of golf cart wheels.

Company Name: Hi-Performance Designs, Inc.

Company Website: www.hpdwheels.com

Company Headquarters: Plant City, FL

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/hdgolfwheels


GCMAG: Hello Henry. Thanks for taking the time to tell us more about your company. Can you give us the basics on HPD Wheels?

Henry: Sure. We design and manufacture aluminum alloy wheels for Car, Truck, ATV/UTV, Trailers and Golf Carts. We also have a few accessories in our automotive sector.

We also offer ready mount golf cart wheels and tires currently featuring OTR brand tires.

GCMAG: So basically you provide wheels for pretty much anything that rolls. You are the sole owner of HPD Wheels?

Henry: I am. [Henry Gaudens]

GCMAG: Can you give us some background on how and when (and how) HPD got started?

Henry: We started Hi-Performance Designs, Inc in 2004. My background has been in the aluminum alloy wheel industry. My background has been with executive positions with MOMO (Italy), BBS (Germany), Enkei (Japan) so there is no doubt we have aluminum running through our veins.

In all seriousness, the aftermarket wheel business is our passion which is evident in our designs.

GCMAG: That is a lot of international experience in the wheel business. Where are you located?

Henry: One Location – 803 East Reynolds Street, Plant City, FL 33563.

GCMAG: I live in Florida as well and I know that area well. Can you tell us a little about your team?

Henry: Of course. Currently we have 11 people that are full time. They cover everything… sales, warehouse, administrative, marketing and the design team. They are all in-house.

GCMAG: Great. You mentioned marketing… how does HPD Wheels market?

Henry: We are mainly engaged in online marketing and social media. And now we are advertising in Golf Carting Magazine.

GCMAG: And we sincerely appreciate you being a sponsor of our publication. What would you say is the most important business lesson your company has learned?

Henry: I tell all the people that have ever been on our team that if you love what you do, work hard and don’t screw up – the money will come.

GCMAG: I like that. It is straightforward and easy to remember. What are the future plans for Hi-Performance Designs?

Henry: We just want to continue on our current path, continuing to innovate and build high quality products.

GCMAG: Thank you Henry for spending time with Golf Carting Magazine and we wish you continued success to both you and your company.

For more information on HPD Wheels visit their website at www.hpdwheels.com. You can also give them a call at 888-707-9880.