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When entrepreneur Brian Plaisance puts his mind to starting a new business venture, there’s only one way to proceed – do it big and do it right, or don’t do it at all.

HONOR LSV is located in Summerville, South Carolina, and is the third start-up for this innovator with an extensive manufacturing, metalwork, and machinist background.

Plaisance explains his motivation for starting his new cart design and manufacturing business. “I had purchased a cart from a well-known, major manufacturer, and unfortunately my son had an accident in it,” he says. “I needed to dismantle the cart to start the repairs, and I just couldn’t believe the inferior quality and workmanship I uncovered when I began taking it apart.”

He saw a real need and opportunity to completely design, fabricate and manufacture the ultimate, all-American made, low speed vehicle. Plaisance chose the name HONOR LSV because of his deep belief in this country’s talent and ambition to provide the finest quality cart available, and his personal and company’s support of all U.S. Military members past and present, first responders, law enforcement officers and more.

“Our company is honored to support and participate in a lot of regional charity events like community parades, fundraisers and public events, particularly when they benefit the people who work to keep America strong and keep jobs here,” said Plaisance.

HONOR LSV was founded in 2022, and their impressive physical plant in South Carolina is a state-of-the-art, 130,000-square foot, climate controlled facility where the company employs around 60 people, depending on the season. Plaisance expects that in 2024 that number will expand to about 90 staff. They are situated on 22-acres, because he knew he would need potential expansion room for future growth. “I planned for future expansion of the business based on HONOR’S level of acceptance once introduced to the market,” he says.

Plaisance and his team went big when adding every piece of necessary equipment needed to create each HONOR LSV. The facility boasts two thermoform machines for precision molding of parts, two lasers, press brake, a manual welding shop, 5-axis CNC mill, tube bender and the largest powder coating facility in South Carolina.

“We make every aluminum frame and subframe in our plant from the ground up with laser precision, install every single nut and bolt and make sure each cart meets our exacting standards,” Plaisance said. HONOR LSV carts are available at about forty nationwide dealers.

The HONOR LSV Models

The company currently offers two different LSV models so creating the perfect cart of your dreams is an easy process.

The 2+2 G1 is HONOR’S 4-passenger cart and comes in 7 different body colors, seating in 6 unique color combinations, and an array of 8 eye-popping wheel and tire combinations. The 2+2 G1 is available with a 3 or 6-inch lift kit, allowing easy and smooth travel over trails and rougher terrain. Power is supplied by a 4 or 5kw drive motor, depending on a 4 or 6-passenger cart, and either a 105Ah or 160Ah lithium ion battery from Eco Battery. HONOR can also equip your LSV with accessories like a trailer hitch, audio sound bar and subwoofers, front and real safety light bars and more.

Other standard features include 4 wheel disc brakes, premium custom seats with storage, LED street legal headlamps and turn signals, side mirrors with incorporated turn signals, independent and adjustable front suspension, a 10″ touchscreen display with Bluetooth®, onboard smart charger, seatbelts, rear flip seat with cooler, foldable windshield, extended roof and USB charger.

The company’s 4+2 G1 is HONOR’S 6-passenger configuration with a stretched frame, 4 forward-facing seats and 2 rear-facing seats, ideal for taking the family around the lake or transporting 6 passengers within your residential community and on short commutes.

“We have some really exciting news coming in the summer of 2024 with our newest models which we feel will make quite a statement and interest a lot of potential buyers,” Plaisance said.

One of the most appealing reasons for purchasing an HONOR LSV is the price, which is comparable with a number of nationally known manufacturers offering far less in terms of quality, performance, and features. The 2+2 G1 begins at approximately $14,000.00 and the 4+2 starts at about $16,000.00, excluding any applicable shipping or dealer fees. Plaisance says, “There are several so-called high end brands selling for thousand’s more than our LSVs that don’t offer the quality or features you’ll find on every HONOR cart.”

After the experience Plaisance had trying to rebuild his former cart because of an accident, he knew he needed to build a lifestyle company, not just provide a premium quality, American made LSV at an affordable price point.

“Our customers are looking for a reasonably priced alternative to carts manufactured or with major components that come from overseas,” he stated. “That’s our key to our success, and I could not be prouder of the team, processes and facilities we’ve assembled to bring HONOR LSVs to market.”

For more information please visit: www.honorlsv.com