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If you’re like most golf car owners, you’re aware of the benefits of lithium-ion batteries. They deliver a much longer range, require no maintenance or watering, weigh less,  and outlast other types of batteries by years.

On the downside, they carry a hefty price tag compared to flooded lead-acid and AGM batteries. That is the single biggest reason people give for not switching to lithium-ion. But the initial price tells only half the story.

To better understand the long-term cost of these technologies, you must consider their life spans, the number of batteries required, and how frequently the batteries need replacing. Those calculations uncover the total cost of ownership (TCO) of each technology over the life of the lithium-ion battery.

Remember, lithium-ion batteries last up to years without regular maintenance or replacement. During that period, flooded lead-acid and AGM batteries may need replacing two to three times. Further, you may need only two to three lithium-ion batteries, while flooded lead-acid, AGM, and gel require six with the initial purchase and each replacement.

To sum it up, lithium-ion batteries deliver a much lower TCO than flooded or AGM batteries over their expected 10-year life. They will save you thousands of dollars.

The bottom line? If you’re in the market for lithium-ion batteries and can afford the price tag, go for it. They will unleash the full potential of your vehicle and reduce your  TCO.

As a complete battery solutions provider, Trojan Battery Company offers a full range of golf and PTV batteries, including lithium-ion, AGM, Gel and flooded lead-acid. To learn more, find your Local Authorized Trojan Dealer. Trained battery experts will answer your questions and help you select the best option for your lifestyle and budget.