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Charleston, SC, December 12th, 2023 – GolfCartingTV announces official launch today. GolfCartingTV is a brand-new YouTube show for golf cart customization enthusiasts and is brought to you by Golf Carting Magazine and ConvertedCarts.com. The weekly show will bring you inside the fascinating world of pimped out golf cart upgrades, mods, and accessories. Visit the all new channel here: www.youtube.com/@GolfCartingTV

“Whether you want to add some tunes, extra seats, bold new paint or performance enhancements to get more speed and power, we’ve got you covered,” said host Matt White, owner of Converted Carts. “We spotlight the most innovative new products, showcase customized carts from around the country, and break down the latest news and trends in the golf cart scene.”

Every Wednesday at noon EDT, a new episode will premiere on the GolfCartingTV YouTube channel. Viewers can expect:

  • Profiles of uniquely customized carts from enthusiasts nationwide.
  • In-depth reviews of aftermarket products like lift kits, custom wheels, and audio systems.
  • Tips, tricks and best practices for golf cart upgrades and modifications.
  • Interviews with manufacturers and highlights of must-see dealerships.

“Let your passion for golf carts take you places!” said White. “We peel back the curtain on the vast possibilities to make your golf cart one-of-a-kind. GolfCartingTV has the inside scoop to spark your imagination and creativity.”

Golf cart dealers and brands interested in being featured on GolfCartingTV can visit https://golfcartingtv.com/request to request consideration. This is a unique opportunity to gain exposure among tens of thousands of golf cart enthusiasts.

For those ready to trick out their trusty golf cart, cruise into the fascinating world of GolfCartingTV. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube and enable notifications so you don’t miss out on the wildest ride around!

Contact information: tv@golfcarting.com or visit www.golfcartingtv.com