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Once you take a thorough look at Evolution Electric Vehicles, (EEV), and the products they manufacture, it’s easy to see how the company came up with their name.

Evolution’s wide-ranging line of products – from golf carts to multi-passenger transporters to commercial outdoor utility vehicles – is setting the standard and breaking barriers within the golf cart industry.

The company’s rise to success began with a 10-year history in the Asian Pacific markets under the name HDK Electric Vehicles. In 2016, the company rebranded itself as Evolution Electric Vehicles, setting up their headquarters and main manufacturing facilities in California. The company also operates a large warehouse and shipping facility in Ocala, Florida.

When the Evolution team made the commitment to compete on the same playing field as manufacturers like Yamaha, E-Z-GO, Club Car and others, they knew it would take a complete evaluation of today’s current golf cart design and building processes. The company threw away the pre-conceived ideas that are far too often “the way it’s always been done,” and the results are getting rave reviews from owners and positive acceptance by the marketplace.

Evolution offers several different lines and models of vehicles. For golf, the Classic 2 Pro is equipped with an onboard waterproof battery charging system, high-efficiency LED headlamps and a powder-coated steel chassis that includes a lifetime warranty. The Classic also comes in a 4-seat model called the Classic 4. You can also get additional features and accessories if you step up to the Classic 2 and Classic 4 Plus models, which come with a 9-inch computer touchscreen on board, USB port, upgraded luxury steering wheel and seats, and more.

The company’s Carrier line is designed to transport people in comfort and style. These electric vehicles are the epitome of luxury and performance, available with 6 or 8 seats plus a large area for luggage or other items. These are the ultimate vehicles for college campuses, large sports venues, real estate community sales centers and any place where people need to cover large areas in the most efficient way.

The Turfman series are available in 3 different models made to handle any type of outdoor terrain. With an increased lift, larger wheels and all-terrain tires, rugged steel construction and advanced components and premium technology, these vehicles are perfect for jobsite tasks, camping, hunting or just exploring the backwoods with the family.

The Forester line is also built for heavy-duty, outdoor use, and offers either a 4 or 6-passenger configuration.

Power and Performance Reimagined

Evolution Electric Vehicles understands that in order to be a market leader, their carts need to rise above the others in a side-by-side comparison. Only the most premium components and parts are used in creating every Evolution vehicle, including speed controllers from Curtis Instruments, onboard charging systems from Lester Electrical, and top-of-the-line paint finishes from PPG.

Many models come standard with premium upgrades included, like a digital dashboard speedometer, headlamps and taillamps, turn signals, D.O.T.-approved front windshield and other luxury appointments. Some of the company’s LSV models can even be ordered with items like windshield wipers and hydraulic disc brakes, lighted license plate holder and a VIN number so they can be legally used in the street.

EEV offers a complete line of accessories to equip your vehicle to your exact specifications with all the custom upgrades you can think of. Durable vehicle covers, vinyl enclosures for harsh weather, pull-down shades, bumpers and brush guards are all designed to enhance and improve the performance of all EEV models. The company also offers dozens of wheel and tire options, allowing buyers to set their cart up to best match it’s intended use from the golf course to the trails.

When it comes to performance, EEV owners are impressed by the power of the electric motor and its top speed of 25-mph, and how quickly that power is transferred to the ground. Impressive torque and continual power are the hallmarks of EEV vehicles, whether you’re playing a quick 18 or taking the family for a sunset ride along the beach.

EEV models are equipped with premium, 48V lithium batteries that come with 4 different configurations and an impressive, 5-year warranty, ensuring you’ll always have enough power for any need.

EEV offers 60AH, 110AH, and 180AH battery options, enclosed in lightweight aluminum containers. These battery configurations offer the ultimate in overall lifespan, zero maintenance, eco-friendly power and lifetime cost efficiency. Safer than standard lead acid batteries, lithium batteries are the future of electric vehicle power, and EEV is in the forefront of equipping their carts with the most advanced battery technology available.

The lithium batteries on EEV’s can attain a full charge in around 5 hours. Other power features on Evolution vehicles include a 48V 6.3KW AC Motor and 400 Amp Evolution AC controller.

Dealers and Buyers Impressed with Evolution Brand

Through their fast-growing network of authorized dealers, EEV is achieving increased awareness, and buyers and dealers report very positive response to the carts in all of their models.

A salesman for a large Evolution dealer in Central Florida says his dealership sold about 400 Evolution vehicles last year, and they usually only stock the 4 and 6-passenger models, based on buyer demand. The visual appeal of the carts, more useful and well-designed accessories, and larger lithium batteries than in comparable carts are just a few of the reasons they are so popular among cart shoppers.

The salesman estimated Evolution models account for approximately 50% of their overall unit sales, and also pointed out that the company is able to produce and deliver what they promise when it comes to getting new carts to their dealer network.

At the 2022 PGA Tradeshow in Orlando, Evolution vehicles were drawing a lot of attention.

The media – MSNBC did a video on the D3 at the show – dealers and consumers were buzzing about what will be the newest addition to the EEV line, called the D3, a bit of a hybrid between an electric car and a golf cart. This sleek, high-tech vehicle features automatic power steering, adjustable seating, a large front storage trunk and even a refrigerator on board.

The D3 is destined to make its mark on the electric vehicle market in a big way, backed by the track record of Evolution and their forward-thinking design and manufacturing processes. Evolution’s slogan is “the quickest and most capable golf carts in electric vehicle history.” If the company’s past performance is any indicator, it appears they are the fast track to continued growth.