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In this month’s edition of Golf Carting Magazine, our Company Profile features Backspin Seating of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Backspin Seating started in 2011 and was created to offer a high-end seat solution for custom golf carts. Backspin Seats are completely custom, with endless color combinations and are easy to install on any year Yamaha, Club Car and E-Z-GO electric carts.

We spent some time with John Dellamalva, one of the owners of Backspin Seating, who graciously provided us with some detailed information about his company and his products.

  • Company Name: Backspin Seating
  • Company Website: Backspinseating.com
  • Company Headquarters: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

GCMAG: First of all John, thank you for taking the time to give our readers some information about Backspin Seating. Can you tell us about your company?

John: Backspin Seating is a manufacturer of custom upholstered golf cart seats. Each seat we produce is unique as the customer chooses the color combinations. Our company offers thousands of different color combinations sourced from high-quality marine grade vinyl.

We currently offer four different high-quality seats at affordable prices to the marketplace.

Backspin offers a Split Back Bucket Seat, a Crossover Bench seat, a Crossover Bench Bucket seat and a matching rear seat kit. Each seat comes with different options and price points to match the customer’s needs.

The seats are made with multiple layers of comfortable, impact-resistant foam and specialized webbing that will not break down. Our seats are built using heavy gauge steel and rugged hardware to ensure long lasting strength and durability. Backspin seats are custom built for quick and easy installation on any year Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO golf carts.

We have made the installation process as easy as possible for our customers. We were the first seating company to offer positioning belts, seat sliders, adjustable arm rests, sound barrier foam, custom embroidery options and easy lift access.

Backspin seats are made with high-quality marine grade vinyl fabric and are available in over 300 colors and multiple stitching designs to customize your unique cart. If you cannot find a color you like in our inventory, we will order it for you.

We offer fabric that is weather resistant, easy to clean and very durable. With our two and three-tone color combinations, there are thousands of combinations to choose.

Each customer is unique, and their cart should be too. Our team personally works with each customer to make sure they get the perfect seat. Our company is very flexible, we’ve had customers call and ask for options not offered on our seats and we can usually make it happen, which is something not many manufacturers are willing to do.

We strongly believe in the continuous improvement of our product, and we usually come out with a new and improved design each year, based on the feedback we receive from our customers and our growing network of dealers we have established throughout the country. Because of our innovative spirit, we have several new products that we will soon be offering that will appeal to a wide variety of golf cart enthusiasts.

Backspin is proud of the fact that our products are built in and the parts are sourced in the USA. All seats are manufactured in our 140,000 square foot building by very our experienced manufacturing team.

GCMAG: That’s a lot of really good information. It sounds like you’ve really dialed in a quality product. Who are the owners of Backspin Seating?

John: Thomas Dellamalva, myself -John Dellamalva, William Legg and Darlene Larkin

GCMAG: Can you give us some background on how and when Backspin Seating started?

John: Backspin Seating has over twenty years of seat manufacturing experience. Thomas Dellamalva, started Backspin’s parent company, Custom Seats Inc. in 2000 and it quickly grew into a leading manufacturer of seating for the healthcare and transportation industries, theaters, auditoriums, and casinos. In 2011, Backspin Seating was created to offer a high-end, customizable seat for golf carts that was not being offered by any other company at the time.

GCMAG: How many employees do you have? Tell us about your team.

John: Backspin Seating currently has 30 employees that are able to utilize their many years of seat design experience. Our company utilizes both the latest manufacturing technology as well as a handcrafted finish to each seat that we produce. Our employees are specialists in sewing, upholstery and seat design.

GCMAG: Impressive. How do you market and promote Backspin Seating?

John: Backspin Seating markets our seating products in several ways. We have developed a network of golf cart dealers who offer our products to their customers. We have sales people that reach out to golf cart dealers in order to grow our dealer network. We advertise in multiple golf cart magazines. We also maintain an online presence with our website and on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

GCMAG: It sounds like you really have it covered. What is the most important business lesson your company has learned?

John: The most important business lesson I’ve learned to provide a positive experience for each customer that we have the pleasure of serving. Positive or negative word of mouth, especially in tight-knit golf cart communities can make or break your reputation. Anyone in business knows that a company’s or a person’s reputation is everything. Always keep your word and protect your reputation.

GCMAG: What are the future plans for Backspin Seating?

John: While Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania might seem a long way from the golf cart communities of the southern and western United States, Backspin Seating continues to see strong growth each year. We are working to expand into new areas of the country. Backspin Seating also knows that product innovation is very important which is why we continually update the design of our seats. Our customers demand the best for their golf carts and we will always be there to provide new and exciting features on our seating products. We are in the process of developing several new products that will be available for purchase in the spring of 2021.

GCMAG: Thank you again John for spending time with Golf Carting Magazine and giving us a much better understanding of your impressive company. We wish you much success!

For more information on Backspin Seating visit their website at Backspinseating.com. You can also give them a call at 570-891-0600.