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Matt’s Custom Golf Carts located in Fort Myers, FL opened its doors in 2018 and since the very first day things took off. Specializing in custom builds, Matts Carts has been thriving in this golf-cart-centric SW Florida market. Matts Golf Carts is also a complete golf cart service center.

I had the opportunity to visit Matts a few months ago and immediately upon entering the store I was struck at how busy everyone was. The showroom was packed with new and used carts and striking custom rebuilds. There was an energy about the place that made me want to buy something right then and there.

The service department was thriving with an almost frenetic pace of activity. The overall sense I got was a golf cart shop oozing success.

I caught up with a very busy Matt Bucci, owner of Matts Custom Golf Carts to learn a little more his business.

Dealer Profile:

Dealer Name: Matts Custom Golf Carts

Dealer Location: 12894 Metro Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33966

Phone Number: (239) 333-8895

Owners: Matt and Miki Bucci

Brands: Club Car, Evolution

Specialty: Custom Cart Builds


GCMAG: How did you get I to the industry?

Matt: I always had a passion for customizing things throughout my life.

GCMAG: When did your business really take off and why?

Matt: I’ve always wanted to custom-build golf carts and in 2018, one day I woke up and said I’m going to start my dream and that’s how I started my business with my wife. I did all the custom builds and she did the deliveries. From there we just grew and grew.

GCMAG: What are your future plans for growth and expansion?

Matt: Our future goal is to expand. We want to have several stores and continue to grow our already growing business.

GCMAG: Where do you see the future of the industry?

Matt: Having several locations and continuing to provide excellent customer service.

GCMAG: Can you tell us about your team?

Matt: We have an amazing team. We have several Certified EZ-GO Techs and we have a female mechanic. We have our own welders. We have our own break-down-carts crew. We have a terrific office staff that can multitask like no other. We also have a designated delivery person and of course a salesman. We are one big happy family. We are family-owned and operated.

GCMAG: What was your favorite custom build and why?

Matt: Our all-time favorite build was for a F1 Formula #44 Petronas Race Car. We had over 40-hours of a custom paint job in it. We stretched a two-passenger RXV into a six-passenger. The reason why I would say this was our favorite build is because it was an honor to build this for one of our high-end clients. We love a challenge! We were able to replicate a golf cart to their Race Car.