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GreenGO Buggies – Dealer Profile

In this month’s Dealer Profile we head to the great state of North Carolina as we visit with Brian and Nikki Price, owners of GreenGo Buggies.

GreenGo Buggies, located in Summerfield, NC, roughly ten miles outside of Greensboro, is a law-enforcement-owned dealership that specializes in building fully custom, street legal golf carts.

They are committed to excellence and according to the owners, “We will not allow any vehicle to leave our facility until we feel it’s up to our high standards of safety and reliability.”

Let’s find out more about GreenGo Buggies…

Dealer Profile:

  • Dealer Name: GreenGo Buggies
  • Dealer Location: 7405 Summerfield Rd, Summerfield, NC 27358
  • Phone Number: (336) 420-0973
  • Owner: Brian & Nikki Price
  • Website: greengobuggies.com


GCMAG: Hi Brian and Nikki! Thanks for taking the time to share some information about GreenGo Buggies. Can you tell us more about your business?

Brian & Nikki: We are a National Certified street legal LSV ( low speed vehicle) manufacturer. We custom build LSV’s (Low Speed Vehicles) from the frame up to each of our customer’s specifications.

GCMAG: I saw some of these LSVs on your website. They are very impressive. Who are the owner(s)?

Brian & Nikki: We are… Brian & Nikki Price

GCMAG: What is your company background? How and when did your company start?

Brian & Nikki: We are a law-enforcement owned, low-speed-vehicle manufacturer and started our business in August of 2016. We have successfully grown this business by giving much attention to detail. This is not always found in most of the builds that we found prior to starting this company. We started as a result of wanting a street legal LSV and while looking at different manufacturers, we noticed there are very few, if any, quality manufacturers in the market in our area. We understand and appreciate quality and our attention to detail is what has grown our business, mostly by word of mouth.

GCMAG: We understand the dilemma. So often we find “businesses” buying old carts, slapping on some new parts and selling them as new or “newer” carts. It’s becoming a real problem. Where are you guys located?

Brian & Nikki: Summerfield , NC and we hope to expand into two more locations within the next two years.

GCMAG: That is tremendous growth. Congratulations on your success. Can you tell us about your employees?

Brian & Nikki: We currently have four employees: As owners, we are also active in building the carts and are involved in new product development and features. Alex is our shop manager, Jon is our senior tech and Tucker is involved with set-up and breakdowns. Our daughter Ava has a responsibility of general shop clean up, restocking, as well as handling our social media.

GCMAG: It sounds like a true family business. How do you promote or advertise your business? Online? Social Media?

Brian & Nikki: Through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. We also use YouTube as well as television commercials and local magazine advertising.

GCMAG: I think it’s great to have multiple advertising channels to really cover your market. What is the most important business lesson you’ve learned?

Brian & Nikki: We live by two mottos:

“You will always be what you always are if you always do what you always did.”

And our company philosophy:

“Build a team so strong that no one can identify who the boss is!”

GCMAG: I like those and they are so true. You already talked about plans of expansion, what are your other future plans?

Brian & Nikki: Future plans include expanding into at least two more markets with two new locations. We would also like to develop a new frame and body and become more involved in a commercial market as well as public safety. But all the while we want to still provide the highest quality buggy on the market.

GCMAG: Well we wish you tremendous success Is there anything you’d like to add?

Brian & Nikki: Being law-enforcement-owned, we have a great understanding and grasp of national, state and local laws as it applies to traffic and safety. This has provided us with a lot of experience by being in law-enforcement for 28 years, and building the U.R.V (Urban Response Vehicle) and all electric, street-legal low-speed vehicles used for urban patrols. We also have plans on developing a fire as well as EMS response vehicles that are street legal.

GCMAG: That’s all very exciting. Thanks again for sharing more about your business.

For more information on GreenGo Buggies in Summerfield, NC visit them online at greengobuggies.com or give them a call at (314) 647-4000.