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Coming August 5 2023

The Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair, held annually since 1738, has a rich history of celebrating agriculture and local businesses. Among the many attractions, motorsports have long been a staple of the fair, featuring thrilling displays of speed and power across a range of events. From demolition derbies to tractor pulls, the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair has seen it all. For many years, fans of motorsports have eagerly anticipated the fair’s annual car and truck events. These events have become a highlight of the fair, bringing together competitors from across the region to showcase their skills in front of enthusiastic crowds. This event is being sanctioned by Sonny Pippin and Billy Armstrong of Mountain View Motorsports with the help of Nick DiStasio, the owner of Carts Inc. in Fredericksburg Va.

The Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair is introducing a new and exciting addition to its motorsports lineup this year. For the first time ever, visitors will have the chance to witness golf cart drag racing on a 300ft packed dirt drag strip. Unlike the twists and turns of a challenging course, these races will see competitors face-off in a straight and speedy race to the finish line. This new addition is sure to be a hit with both visitors to the fair and the drivers themselves. The golf carts, which may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a high-speed race, are fitted out for some serious speed and are sure to put on an impressive show. For the competitors, the opportunity to put their carts up against others in a race will be a unique and exhilarating experience.

In addition to the exciting new attraction of golf cart drag racing, the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair is also offering a fun and friendly competition for those who want a more relaxed experience behind the wheel. Visitors who are interested in participating in the golf cart events but are not looking for high-speed competition can join the “stock classes”. Stock events will offer individuals the chance to bring their own carts and run them alongside others in a friendly exhibition race. The event will be a low-stress opportunity for visitors who want to take part in the fun and excitement of golf cart racing without the pressure of being in a high-stakes competition. The stock events are open to anyone who has a golf cart they would like to participate in the event. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just looking for some fun, this is a great opportunity to bring out your cart and engage with others in a friendly and inclusive environment.

As with all events at the fair, safety is of utmost importance and all necessary precautions are being taken. A dedicated track, packed down to remove any potential hazards, will be used for racing. Helmets and other safety gear will be mandatory for all drivers to ensure their protection in case of any incidents on the track. This new motor event proves once again that the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair is committed to offering exciting and diverse attractions for visitors each year. Regardless of your interest in motorsports or golf, experiencing the sight of modified, high-speed carts racing down a dirt strip is an event that is not to be missed!

Various sponsors and companies have come forward to offer a range of prizes that will be awarded to winners in the various golf cart racing events. These prizes are not only a great incentive for contestants to do their best, but they also help to make the event even more exciting for everyone involved.

Sponsors that are currently onboard are:

Carts Inc.

Golf Carting Magazine

Navitas Vehicle Systems




Sound Extreme by EcoXgear