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Light up your UTV/Golf Car/Boat with ECOXGEAR’s new LED Light Whips and Strips, all controlled by the new 4-zone ExtremeController

San Diego, Calif. – (July 25, 2023) – ECOXGEAR, an innovator in the world of rugged and element-proof audio, under its SoundExtreme brand is thrilled to introduce their new LED light whips and strips that are controlled by its waterproof 4-zone LED Controller ExtremeController. With effortless installation and user-friendly controls, ECOXGEAR’s new LED light whips and strips guarantee a colorful and thrilling experience for all.

The ExtremeController

The ExtremeController integrates ECOXGEAR’s ECOCAST audio synchronization technology and new LEDcast light technology which allows grouping with multiple ExtremeControllers as well as the LED lights in SOUNDEXTREME’s LEDCast enabled soundbars, and tower speakers. LEDCAST allows users to program light scenes via the SOUNDEXTREME smartphone apps. A scene allows for one button command of all light zones at one time. Create daytime, nighttime, party, and holiday light scenes for any occasion.

The ExtremeController offers 3 LED mode categories: Color Mode, Party Mode, and Music Mode. In Color Mode, users can select from eight different colors using the RF remote or create any desired color through the SoundExtreme Smartphone App. Party Mode takes customization to the next level with an impressive selection of preset party light shows that can be user tailored via the apps. For a captivating audio-visual experience, Music Mode wirelessly connects to any of ECOXGEAR’s ECOCAST enabled soundbars, tower speakers, and party speakers.

Additionally, the controller includes a UTV Street mode, designed to comply with street driving regulations. This unique mode ensures a safe and enjoyable experience by automatically disabling the party lights while seamlessly integrating with the vehicle’s signaling system, including turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights.

LED Whips & Strips

ECOXGEAR’s LED whips and strips are the perfect way to light up your vehicle. With the ExtremeController, users have a range of options to elevate any party atmosphere. Once securely attached to your vehicle, the remote takes charge of the rest, effortlessly controlling the whips and strips. For golf cart owners, custom strips are available, tailored to fit specific lengths and specifications. Installing and maintaining these whips and strips is a breeze, thanks to their waterproof design and user- friendly installation process. Notably, the whips feature a magnetic base, allowing for quick placement and removal without the need for clips or screws, ensuring a hassle-free and customizable experience.

The strips are connected in series to each other, which allows multiple strips around the vehicle to be controlled with one ExtremeController. This design simplifies installation, significantly reducing the number of wires and ensuring a clean and efficient setup.

LED Whips and Strip kits are available on www.soundextreme.us starting at $99.99 to $499.99.

About SoundExtreme by ECOXGEAR:

Based in Houston, Texas, SOUNDEXTREME provides a family of 100% waterproof outdoor audio and LED light solutions with the highest levels of quality, support, and service. SOUNDEXTREME sells its products through major retailers, dealers, and distributors throughout North America. To learn more about ECOXGEAR products please visit them at WWW.SOUNDEXTREME.US.

Max Borges Agency for ECOXGEAR; ecoxgear@maxborgesagency.com