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ORLANDO, Florida – Leave it up to Disney to have some pretty cool innovative tech and now you don’t need to hire someone to carry your clubs or even lug them around yourself anymore, thanks to… “robo-cart.”

Disney Golf higher-ups said the robotic golf cart has built in GPS and Bluetooth tech to move your golf clubs safely around the  course.

To take advantage of this tech, golfers will clip the robo-cart’s tiny transmitter onto their belt and the cart will follow a few steps behind. The Disney guys said the new carts will be live on the Palm, Magnolia and Oak Trail official golf courses at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

“They are ideal for Disney’s Oak Trail golf course, a 9-hole walking course that appeals primarily to families and younger golfers, however, they are also available if you want to walk the 18-hole Magnolia and Palm championship courses” officials said on Disney’s blog. “Walt Disney World Resort is one of only a few places in the surrounding area where you’ll find these robotic carts in use.”

These robotic golf carts are designed and manufactured by Club Car (www.clubcar.com), and are available to rent for only $10 per round. The Disney guys also said the carts will be equipped with a cooler, cup holder (for your drinks), sand bottle and USB charging port.