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BIG FLATS, NY (April 13, 2021)

Tubeless tire sealant pioneers Stan’s NoTubes are excited to announce they’re taking their 20+ years of sealant research and development into the outdoor utility equipment market with a full line of specially formulated, high-performance tire sealant and accessories for a wide variety of landscaping, utility, and recreational vehicle applications.

Stan’s new outdoor sealant is made right here in the USA at their Big Flats, NY facility and utilizes a proprietary formula that is injected through the valve stem directly into the tire. Once a tire has been treated with Stan’s, the sealant will effectively repair and prevent punctures up to an industry-leading ½” in diameter, seal leaks from imperfections along the bead of the tire, and prevent further loss of pressure due to weather checking and dry-rot.

The low-viscosity, natural latex formula then remains liquid inside the tire, and continues protecting against flats for up to two years or longer, instantly sealing punctures in the tread and sidewalls as they occur by rushing a blend of sealant and healing crystals to the puncture site, which then combine to form a permanent repair before air pressure is lost.

“One of the biggest complaints we hear from local business owners is that flat tires create late starts and unplanned downtime. Whether that’s a landscaping company, a golf course, construction crew, or anyone else running an operation that depends heavily on equipment with pneumatic tires, having to constantly repair or replace tires on equipment leeches profits and creates a huge obstacle to keeping a business on schedule,” said Brett Beard, Product Manager of Outdoor Equipment at Stan’s Sealant.

Stan’s new outdoor sealant is an ideal addition to any business’s regular maintenance plan for all of their outdoor equipment, and works in both tubeless and innertube applications on everything from wheelbarrow and hand truck tires all the way up to full-size tractor tires.

A broad range of individuals will also benefit from using Stan’s Sealant whether they’re DIY homeowners with a troublesome lawn mower tire, residential community residents who use their golf carts to get around, or recreational ATV and side-by-side owners who don’t want to worry about getting stranded out on the trail.

“When Stan’s first started out in the mountain bike tire industry two decades ago, we set out to develop a solution to the constant battle with flat tires and the time we wasted repairing them. We ended up with a product that was so consistently rated as the best on the market, our brand name became synonymous with tire sealant as a whole. We’re bringing that same quality and performance to the landscaping and outdoor tire markets now,” said Mike Bush, President of Stan’s NoTubes.

Along with their new sealant, Stan’s is also introducing two new accessories as optional companion tools for streamlined sealant application: A high-quality machined aluminum schrader valve core removal tool that features internal storage for spare valve cores, and an innovative threaded sealant applicator designed to simplify the injection process even further. This revolutionary new sealant is currently available in both 16 oz. (17.00 MSRP) and 32 oz. ($28.00 MSRP) sizes. Professional, dealer and distributor pricing is also available.

For more information or to order online, visit www.StansSealant.com.


Stan’s Sealant makes sealant for tires in the outdoor equipment industry. Stan’s Sealant’s parent company, Stan’s NoTubes, designs, produces, and sells innovative mountain bike, road, and cyclocross wheels, rims, and hubs as well as a range of products for tubeless conversion. It all started in 2001 when Stan Koziatek became frustrated with punctured inner tubes in his mountain bike. Believing there was a better way and that tires could perform better without inner tubes, Stan developed a way to replace inner tubes with a liquid sealant: Stan’s Tire Sealant. Founded and owned by Stan and Cindy Koziatek, Stan’s has set the industry standard for making tires tubeless. Today, it’s the preferred tubeless conversion system around the world.

For more information, visit www.StansSealant.com and www.NoTubes.com.