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If there ever were a more appropriate concept behind the phrase, “go big or go home,” this outstanding custom cart build would certainly qualify.

“Blank Check” is the name of this rolling masterpiece, and the designer and builder confirms that’s pretty much what it took to get this cart completed.

Cory Osteen is the Operations Manager at Eco Battery’s East Coast distribution facility in South Carolina. He came up with the idea of creating a cart that would dwarf other custom builds both in size and in performance. “I just wanted to do a build that was to the extreme, using the best parts, components and accessories that I could, and the people at Eco Battery were behind me all the way,” Cory said. Several of the Eco Battery team helped to get this larger-than-life cart off the ground. Cory spent about 8-months on the build and received extensive support and assistance from Golf Carts Modified®.

Cory started this project with a new, 2022 E-Z-GO TXT chassis, and the radical modifications began. He cut the chassis and extended it by an amazing 42-inches before powder coating. He then installed dual 4-link suspension front and rear and 33-inch coil-over shocks, along with dual anti-roll bars.  The ground clearance on Blank Check can be adjusted from 40 to 46-inches. The cart rides on 30×16-inch American Force® wheels and 42×16.50R30 LT Fury® tires. This giant makes a truly impressive entrance everywhere it goes.

“With a cart of this size and scale, I knew we needed to use two, 70.4V Eco Batteries to supply the amperage needed to make everything on the cart perform like I wanted,” said Cory.

Other mods include the silent drive vacuum assisted underslung power brakes, 15-inch rear Silverado disc brake conversion, custom billet rear differential cover, and EZ-Steer® power assist steering with a Fox® steering stabilizer. A cart this big needs big sounds, and Blank Check installed a Wet Sounds® stereo, two zero-6s inside the dash and two zero-8s built into the floor facing down, powered by a 4-channel Wet Sounds amp. The cart also a features 600 amp, 5kw Navitas® AC conversion module.

Cory opted for maximum eye candy appeal courtesy of the iPad 12.9-inch Pro built into the dash, custom painted storm body, Magnetic LUX® rock lights and dual row LED under glow lighting.

Eco Battery a Giant in Lithium Battery Market

Headquartered in Utah, Eco Battery continues to power the future as the leading lithium manufacturer. The company has recently signed a long term agreement with Nivel Parts and Manufacturing® to be their exclusive distributor in the aftermarket space in North America. Eco Battery has also signed long term supplier agreements with some of the largest OEM’s in the LSV space such as ICON EV®, EPIC EV®, VIVID EV®, MadJax®, Kodiak EV® and others.

With their commitment to unmatched quality and performance in the worldwide lithium battery industry, they have also started expanding world-wide by signing a long term agreement with Golf Cart Parts and Repairs® as their exclusive Australian distributor.

Through countless hours of research and development, Eco Battery designs and meticulously manufactures all of their batteries to provide years of trouble free service. They use only the highest quality LiFePo4 cells from the best manufacturers in the world. Every Eco Battery contains cells that are meticulously sorted and matched for both capacity and resistance.

Their website is easy to navigate, offering individual golf cart batteries in a wide array of volts, amperage, and sizes for any brand of cart, or customers can purchase complete battery bundles that include all mounting hardware, charging port, converter, and digital gauge kit.

Eco Battery has roughly 40 employees in their two facilities and over 2,000 active dealers in North America.

Noah Schone is the company’s Vice President of Sales and is focused on the future of Eco Battery. “Our entire team has our heads down working hard on some exciting new features to come to the battery world that we expect to launch early next year,” he says.

Thanks to the vision of Cory Osteen and the team at Eco Battery, the company now has a stunning new rolling marketing tool to highlight the power of their premium lithium ion batteries.

To learn more, visit https://ecobattery.com/s/