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Polaris Launches Free Grant Assistance Program

Minneapolis, August 6, 2019 – Polaris Commercial and Polaris Government and Defense, divisions of Polaris Inc. (NYSE: PII), are expanding customer support services through a partnership that provides grant funding assistance to customers requiring Polaris utility and passenger vehicles, including RZR, RANGER, GEM, Pro XD, Taylor-Dunn and GENERAL. Grant funding plays an integral role in equipping government agencies, school campuses, law enforcement, emergency response and fire departments, and the amount of grant dollars available has remained strong. Navigating the public grant process, however, can be complex and confusing, especially for first-time applicants.

Through this grant assistance program, Polaris is helping customers receive free and unlimited grant assistance from industry professionals. These grant experts will guide each customer throughout the process from research and application to narrative review, for the vehicles they need via five tailored websites:
PoliceGrantsHelp: https://www.policegrantshelp.com/Polaris-Grant-Assistance/
FireGrantsHelp: https://www.firegrantshelp.com/Polaris-Grant-Assistance/
EMSGrantsHelp: https://www.emsgrantshelp.com/Polaris-Grant-Assistance/
EducationGrantsHelp: https://www.educationgrantshelp.com/Polaris-Grant-Assistance/
GovGrantsHelp: https://www.govgrantshelp.com/Polaris-Grant-Assistance/

“We’ve created dedicated vehicle solutions to help our customers meet their unique challenges and complete their jobs quicker and more effectively; but, for many, grant funding is necessary to secure the funds required to purchase a vehicle,” said Sean Cheatham, vice president of Commercial, Government & Defense, Polaris. “Grant applications can feel overwhelming, especially for many first-time customers, and some organizations may not have the detailed expertise or resources to complete the process. Through tailored assistance programs and connecting them directly to grant experts, we are helping customers overcome these challenges.”

Polaris vehicles – RZR, RANGER, GEM, Pro XD, Taylor-Dunn and GENERAL – augment current vehicle fleets and maximize productivity. These vehicles can access locations – both urban and off-road, indoors and outside – where cars, trucks or vans cannot operate. They also are a budget-friendly alternative to full-size vehicles, as are the maintenance, parts, and repair costs.

Specialized application packages allow for law enforcement, fire, rescue, ground maintenance, delivery, technician, maintenance, shuttle and repair. All accessories and specialized equipment are professionally installed in a turn-key vehicle package with a full warranty from Polaris.

Law enforcement units provide professional, squad car-type capabilities in a smaller, more nimble platform. These vehicles come complete with professional sirens, horns, a PA system and emergency lighting. Firefighting units have the option of incorporating a compressed air foam suppression system or a professional grade pump, hose and reel, a combination tank for water and foam, with the ability draft from a water source. Mounting options can accommodate preferences for different departments and uses. Rescue vehicles incorporate a rear attendant seat and a stokes rescue basket. Rescue personnel can select between the full-length or compact basket for shorter overall length when not in use. Polaris also offers a combination fire and rescue package, which includes the fire tank and equipment as well as the stokes rescue basket.

RANGER, Pro XD and GENERAL vehicles maintain the option for the rear equipment skids to be removed for use by other departments or jobs. Custom graphics can be added so vehicles match the rest of the fleet.

GEM is the first commercially produced, street-legal, low-speed vehicle in the U.S. providing a sustainable and economical option. All-electric Polaris GEM vehicles have zero emissions and low operating costs. Taylor-Dunn vehicles are Polaris’ all-electric solution for indoor and closed campus use with an ergonomic design, narrow width, non-marking tires and tight turning radius. The diesel Pro XD, RANGER and GENERAL utility vehicles fulfill any off-road requirements with payload flexibility, while maintaining a narrow width for trails, narrow alleys and closed campuses.

Polaris is a unique vehicle supplier that harnesses its 65-year legacy of mobility leadership, rich heritage of innovation, and vast commercial enterprise resources, along with a team of dedicated commercial, government and technology experts and operators to deliver the products that customers need to get their jobs done. This winning combination of Polaris performance, procurement simplicity, premium service, training, support, and sustainment results in a best-value for commercial and government customers