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This stable and powerful all- electric three-wheeler can be used on or off the course. Coupled with iCart, both rider and golf course will realize an exciting and fun experience.

Golfwurx draws inspiration from our sister companies InspecTech Aero Service and iCabin. Both Aerospace manufacturing companies make really cool products for the Corporate Jet Market. Having electrical, mechanical, and software engineering expertise, this was a natural fit for us to form the Golfwurx division, lead by a team of Aerospace Engineers who love golf. Faced with the necessity of social distancing, Golfwurx recognized a solution and set out to create an ideal system that will be safer, more comfortable, fun and reasonably priced. We created the S6, a single-person three-wheeled electric scooter to allow individual golfers to play safely and separately. No ordinary scooter, the S6 sports an IP68 rated all-weather tablet that serves as the command center linking all golfers to the iCart Network.

Here is what the S6 and iCart CMS have to offer:

Durability, Safety and Fun: No similar platform offers the combination of a 2000W motor for torque, electronic parking brake for safety, and a high capacity Li-ion battery providing 36 hole range and also has swappable batteries on the go. The S6 three-wheel design is inherently stable, easy to mount and dismount, perfect for all ages, and handles a gross weight up to 440 lbs fully loaded. Its smaller mass reduces wear and tear on the course, and the GEO-fence feature keeps the S6 away from water hazards, greens, or cart path only option. Fun features include comfort seating, USB port, beverage cooler, umbrella holder, bag holder, Bluetooth stereo speakers and programmable LED lighting. Body panels are customizable and easy to change out for a quick refresh after a season or two, offering dozens of colors to choose from. And Golfwurx can easily customize the S6 with the course logo and colors.

Faster Pace of Play: Single-rider carts have been shown to speed up the pace of play 25% or more, resulting in greater utilization of golf course infrastructure and more paid rounds. The S6 lets each player follow their own ball, so foursomes play through and finish faster than two-passenger carts. Benefit to the player is less time waiting and more time golfing or socializing in the clubhouse. Benefit to the course is more revenue.

iCart CMS: The S6 is the first of its kind app-controlled firmware system for optimizing the golfer’s experience integrated with a three-wheel single rider scooter. Players have full access to a Virtual Caddie providing playing tips, flyover videos, shot distances, accurate GPS system, digital scorecard, real-time leaderboard for tournament and league play, food and beverage ordering system, two way communication, tee time booking, stats tracking, social sharing, weather updates, push notifications, loyalty/rewards program, mobile pro shop, member calendars and club news. Course managers will see increased revenue with more tee time bookings and with ease of ordering in food and beverage sales, and lower costs due to greater reliability of the Golfwurx system. Golfwurx can provide a risk-free, low- cost, and revenue generating solution to every qualified golf course.

About Golfwurx

Golfwurx designs, engineers, and manufacturers golf products to enhance the player and course experience. Started by a group of Aerospace Engineers that love golf, Golfwurx joins hardware and software in a unique and disruptive way to make golf more exciting. Our products offer a different way to golf: we created a powerful three-wheel scooter that is integrated with an App-driven course management system making your next round of golf safe, fun, and faster to play.

For more info visit: https://www.golfwurx.com/