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We have to give EZGO a big hand clap, it’s been requested by custom golf cart builders across the country and now (finally) a OEM manufacture has listened to those consumers and dealers and came out with a 4 forward facing golf cart.

E-Z-GO has announced its new vehicle, the E-Z-GO Liberty, which will be its first golf cart to offer four forward-facing seats in a compact cart. The Liberty will come with a second row of seating for passengers, a shorter wheelbase and extensive storage space. Its short wheelbase offers enhanced maneuverability and a tighter turning radius compared to competing vehicles.

Customers can also choose from a variety of accessories that attach to the Liberty’s 2-inch rear universal hitch receiver, including a cargo storage holder or golf bag holder.

The Liberty is powered by a highly efficient AC electric drivetrain with Samsung SDI lithium battery technology, also found in E-Z-GO’s ELiTE vehicle series. The Liberty, like other ELiTE models, releases zero emissions, requires no battery maintenance and is backed by an eight-year battery warranty. In addition, the ELiTE lithium vehicle series charges faster and more efficiently than vehicles equipped with traditional lead-acid batteries.

E-Z-GO’s ELiTE lithium vehicles have proven their performance without sacrificing consistent power or comfort through 25 million hours of successful use.

The Liberty is offered in two tailored packages: Commuter and Explorer. The Liberty Commuter, built for driving through neighborhoods, is equipped with Kenetica tires on SPDR wheels, a convex mirror, turn signals and fender flares, which provides the customer all the accessories needed to travel their community in style.

The E-Z-GO Liberty Explorer is ready for adventure and comes standard with Paramount M/T tires on SPDR wheels, fender flares, and a brush guard.


Reserve your Liberty before July 27 and E‑Z‑GO will donate $200 to Folds of Honor, a charity providing scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members. Together, we can help honor their sacrifice and educate their legacy. In addition to your proof of donation, we’ll also send you a Folds of Honor decal and hat.

For more about the EZGO Liberty, check here: https://ezgo.txtsv.com/personal/liberty