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The Shark Experience has been moving the game forward since 2018 by providing golfers with a unique and differentiated experience. Since its debut, it has quickly become the premier in-car on-course entertainment platform with music, sports, news, and GPS yardage to engage golfers on a whole new level.

Classic Club launched the all-new Shark Experience in 2021 to enhance every golfer’s round and provide a unique golfing experience. With an all-new user experience, dynamic GPS, new content from TuneIn Radio, PGA Tour VOD, Audacy radio, Atmosphere streaming TV, and Bettorview sports tracking, the new Shark Experience is here to change the game for your golfers.

The new experience has continued to ‘wow’ our golfers” said Greg Rubino, General Manager – Classic Club. “We always try to provide a best-in-class golfing experience and Shark Experience has enabled us to do just that. Everyday golfers finish their round and can’t stop talking about how great the functionality and features are, especially the streaming music options.”

Located in the Coachella Valley, Classic Club is a premier par-72, 7,322 yard Arnold Palmer-designed course. Classic Club is owned by the H.N. & Francis C. Berger Foundation and is open to the public as well as a site for group outings throughout the year.

In addition to the Shark Experience, Classic Club leverages the power of Club Car Connect Visage Fleet Management. Club Car Connect enables golf courses to control their fleet at their fingertips. With live GPS location, pace of play, and car control, Visage Fleet Management can streamline your golf operations.

“Visage Fleet Management allows us to track pace of play live and protect our greens with car control.” Said Rubino. “The ability to monitor and control our fleet from the clubhouse ensures all of our golfers have the best experience possible.”

Club Car Connect with Shark Experience continues to change the game. Now is the time to streamline your operations, protect your assets, and provide a world-class experience with our premium connectivity solution.

For more information on how to add the all new Shark Experience and Club Car Connect to your course contact Club Car.