Most Popular Golf Car Dealers on Facebook

Of all the social mediums, Facebook has emerged as the dominant player for golf cart dealers to market their business to consumers.  Twitter is too snarky.  Snapchat is too young.  Instagram is growing and lends itself to cool pictures of pimped out golf carts, but like Snapchat, the demographics are not as closely aligned with Facebook’s older audience.

Take a look at the list we have compiled of the most popular golf car dealers on Facebook as of October 2017.  We look forward to updating the list as time passes.

1. King of Carts – 63,621 Likes

2. Custom Carts of Pageland – 37,851 Likes

3. Gulf Coast Golf Carts – 32,757 Likes

4. Willandale Golf Carts – 16,859 Likes

5. JBC Golf Carts – 15,115 Likes

6. Bulldog Golf Carts – 14,536

7. Lacern Performance Golf Cars – 11,602 Likes

8. Colorado Kustom Carts – 11,101

9. Gadsden Golf Cars – 10,398

10. Villages Golf Cart Man – 10,246

11. Brad’s Golf Cars – 8,015

12. Excessive Carts – 7,132

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