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5749 Spring Valley Rd Burlington, WI 53105
5747 Spring Valley Road Burlington Wisconsin 53105 US
A little *more* about WHO we are and WHAT we do …
(INCLUDING a few things the “Industry” doesn’t want You to hear …)
You see them all the time – those 6 golf carts on the side of the road in someones front yard. You want a cart, you’ve BEEN looking high and low, so You stop and take a chance that *maybe* THIS might be the place to find Your Buggy.  *MAYBE* this is some person who KNOWS or has “Contacts” in the “Cart World” and can sell You an actual QUALITY product at a fair price … Maybe You’ve seen a LOT of cool custom carts on the Web, in the campground, etc – but You are still holding out for something “Different” that makes YOUR CART exactly that – YOURS. But You’ve realized that the “Same-Old Same-Old” bolt-on stuff isn’t special (and almost everyone has it) or maybe You want to kick that guys’ ass from the campsite to the beach without sounding like some hillbilly welded a lawnmower engine into a golf cart (let’s face it, You don’t want to be “THAT PERSON” trying to not pi** everyone off at 2AM sneaking home sounding like a hornets nest, LOL) … Maybe Ebay and Forums have You overwhelmed trying to figure out what’s the BEST combination of cart and mods for YOU without spending a ton or sacrificing what You want – and maybe You’ve tried to decipher that equasion to the tune of FAR too much money already and just want the cart You WANT that WORKS and doesn’t tear up your wallet every month …
WE are YOU 15 years ago, and We’ve put in our dues, spent our money, and can honestly say that WE STILL LOVE GOLF CARTS !!!!
Our passion for carts is the entire reason we are here, and have become a BBB A+ Rated LLC – We seriously want YOU to be educated and happy with your investment, and that’s that – the reson we are here to work with You through the entire process. We’re the company that will refuse a sale because a customer has unrealistic expectations – We will NOT promise You the Moon or perpetuate a lot of the “Online Cr*p” that IS the Golf Cart Hobby for a “buck”.  That “Guy” at the campground with the “Fancy Looking” cart that is always either broken down or struggling to drag the family back up to the campsite yet AGAIN?  Our guess it that someone made him believe that it was OK to bolt a cheap rear seat to a stock electric cart with a “Speed Upgrade” magnet or code or doo-dad and he could do 19mph forever straight uphill with 4 people – but he won’t tell You that. He’s going to have excuses and stories as to why the cart sits in the shed until He can afford to fix it again (IF he finds someone that CAN) because, Well … He bought some weird “Clean-Ish” Fleet-Cart and the price was right and “Wow, only $300 for a rear seat” etc etc … And neglected to LEARN or was never educated as to how ALL of this “Gof Cart Stuff” really works.
WE have one simple starting point that bases all of our solutions to any given need or situation – THAT is the TRUTH. GOLF CART = 2 people, (2) 25lb bags of clubs, paved or groomed, relatively flat terrain at a maximum speed of 12mph – THAT is what a GOLF CART was designed to do, do well, and do for a LONG time without a ton of maintenence. Likely one of the most bulletproof wheeled device ever invented, after the “Radio Flyer” (sometimes a faster option in stock configuration, LOL)
THIS is the Midwest, NOT Florida – we HAVE hills. We HAVE rutted trails. We HAVE nasty fields. We HAVE 8 block-long hills to the campsite from the lake that are steep enough to NOT want to walk over and over again … And YES, a Cart can be the solution – but it needs to be the RIGHT cart or just forget it. Seriously, we tell more people to go buy a Ranger than we probably should – but we LIKE it that way. We want You to come back to the shop, and chances are we’ll remember Your name. BUT we also want to know who Your friend is that rode with, and we want to be certain that THEY get the same service that YOU did or You wouldn’t have brought them with. Yeah that’s some 1920’s attitude, but none of us are getting Younger, LOL.
Look – As You likely took the time to read earlier – we’re still under construction here on the ‘Web (and also in the middle of physically moving shops and some serious, ensuing “Growing Pains”) … There are a ton of things We are looking forward to sharing with You about Carts – and some We’re going to share even if it hurts us as a business because it’s going to explain to You WHY You really don’t need to throw good money after bad. When all is said and done, if YOU aren’t happy, we will welcome the chance to make You so. Unless we deign a Cart FOR You and WITH YouS
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